Surprises When the Cannabinoid CBG Goes Under the Microscope
Surprises When the Cannabinoid CBG Goes Under the Microscope

Surprises When the Cannabinoid CBG Goes Under the Microscope

The cannabinoid CBG may be considered as one of the lesser cannabinoids but that is not true because it is rising fast to prime. By now, most people are familiar with the effects of cannabis and the two major cannabinoids found within it: CBD (cannabidiol) and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). CBG is gaining attention quickly due to the anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, and anti-inflammatory properties which it has.

CBG is the chemical parent CBD and THC and other cannabinoids as it matures first then splits into other cannabinoids. Because of CBG’s ability to transform into other cannbinoids, it’s being called the “stem cell” of cannabinoids.

The Cannabinoid CBG — Healing Properties

  • Anti-microbial — CBG has been shown to have antibacterial and antimicrobial properties particularly for treatment of MRSA, a type of staph infection resistant to certain antibiotics.
  • Anti-Inflammatory — CBG has demonstrated its ability to reduce colon inflammation and may be an effective treatment for inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) symptoms.
  • Cancer Fighting — There have been studies showing that CBG may help fight cancer by blocking the receptors that “turn on” cancer cell growth.
  • Neuroprotective — It has properties that help protect and heal our nervous system like neurodegenerative conditions such as Huntington’s Disease.

When the hemp plant is ready to harvest, most of the CBGa has been converted into other major cannabinoids so in order to harvest the CBG, the hemp plant must be harvested early thus losing the other cannabinoids.

Since the demand for the cannabinoid CBG has risen, cultivators are attempting to create new strains with higher percentages of CBG. In 2020, some new strains of hemp plants were released that have 20% of CBG and above while still remaining 0.3% or lower of THC.

The Cannabinoid CBG — The Cultivation of CBG

Now it is in the works to breed and cultivate high CBG hemp flower strains which stand alone. Here is the reason that the CBG hemp pre-rolls are the new rage.  CBG fights inflammation and pain as much as CBD does or more. CBG also quiets nausea which is a great asset for those taking cancer treatments. And speaking of cancer, it slows the growth and spread of cancer cells.

The Cannabinoid CBG — Calculating CBG Doses

The cannabinoid CBG hemp pre-rolls are pre-calculated for you. Usually, the pre-roll holds about 1 gram of ground CBG Hemp Flower.  If the hemp flower is 20% CBG, then smoking 1 gram provides roughly 200 milligrams of CBG. The other element to consider for the dosage, however, is that not all the CBG is absorbed when you smoke a per-roll. Some of the active ingredients go “up in smoke” as you exhale. Half gram pre rolls are an excellent way to get started with smokable CBG Hemp Flower.

The Cannabinoid CBG – CBG Strains

  • White Frost CBG
  • CBG infused Special Sauce
  • Crawford CBG
  • White Whale CBG

The hemp flower mystery of CBG may not hold as many health benefits as CBD or THC but nonetheless it holds a high second and is worth a conversation.  CBG is not found in large quantities in most hemp flower strains but some are infusing CBG into another hemp flower with high CBD so it is like a double header.  

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