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Passing Microsoft AZ-900 Examon the First Try Is Possible If You Use Practice Tests

Microsoft AZ-900 is a fundamental exam that covers the basic understanding of Cloud concepts, Azure support, core Azure services, compliance, trust, and security. If you want to upgrade your skills and knowledge in using Cloud, it will be an ideal test to pass. It is also developed for the aspiring Cloud professionals or any other IT specialists whose career or job is associated with Cloud computing. It is a very popular certification exam. That is why, in this article,we will focus on explaining the details of this Microsofttest and the ways to prepare for it.

Being a foundational exam, Microsoft AZ-900 doesn’t require any prerequisites. If you want to take this test, you don’t need to have any technical IT experience. But still, some general knowledge will be very beneficial. There is also no related exam, as Microsoft AZ-900 is a single test and stands alone Download free.


Microsoft Exam labs AZ-900 is a single exam that leads to the Microsoft Certified Azure Fundamentals certificate. Microsoft has designed this learning path for those individuals who want to start with the entry-level knowledge of Cloud services. The typical candidates for this test are those who havenon-technical backgrounds along with those students who are involved in purchasing or selling Cloud-based services and solutions.Also,the applicants who have some level of involvement with Cloud-based services can take this certification exam.

ThisMicrosoft exam can be taken as the optional first step to learning about Cloud services and how Microsoft Azure exemplifies these services. You can take this test as a precursor to the Microsoft Cloud or Microsoft Azure exams. While taking Microsoft AZ-900 is a beneficial first step to validating basic knowledge, it doesn’t act as a prerequisite to attempting any other Microsoft Azure-based credentials.

The Microsoft AZ-900 exam has no particular number of questions but you can expect about 40-60 of them. Be prepared for different formats and types as Microsoft has a lot of them for its tests. You can check the formats on the official website. Moreover, each type will have a little tutorial for you while taking the exam. All in all, you need to complete all the questions within 150 minutes. Consider gaining 700 points as it will be your passing score.

Among the details of the AZ-900 certification exam, you should also focus on its topics. This test is basically based on four broad subject areas from which the questions are derived. The exam objectives are as follows:

  • Understanding Cloud concepts – 15-20%;
  • Understanding Azure support and pricing – 25-30%;
  • Understanding security, trust, security, and compliance – 25-30%;
  • Understanding core Azure services – 30-35%.

This certification exam is available in various languages, including English, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.Unlike most Microsoft technical tests that require $165 as an exam fee, AZ-900 only costs $99 for the candidates in the United States. The individuals in other countries may pay a slightly higher fee depending on the taxation policies in theirlocation.


The Cloud computing skills and knowledge are in high demand, and the IT industry is eagerly awaiting to reward you for adding the mentioned credential in your resume. That is why knowing the details of the Microsoft AZ-900 exam is very important.It helps you be informed and decidewhat to do with all the information you know.

Concerning passing this certification exam, the first step any learner should take is to jointhe Microsoft platform. By doing so, the individuals getthe opportunity to access all the official studymaterials that have been availed by the vendor. It is a great step towards passing the AZ-900 technical test since you will also be able to interact with the huge community of users.They arealways active and very helpful to the students when it comes to the preparation process. Microsoft also provides you with practice tests, which are meant to help you familiarize yourself with the question types and formats. Thiskind of prep tools also helps the applicantsbecome familiar with the environment of the actual exam. Moreover, the company also includes the official study guide for this test.

After gathering the details of the exam and gaining access to official training materials, the next step to passing this Azuretest is to locate and, if possible, gather additional study resources from other platforms to complement the ones that Microsoft provides. In this case,Exam-Labsis the best website for this certification exam. Here, the students can always find equally useful prep tools for passing any test. The site can offer valid braindumps and practice tests to help you check your knowledge and then improve it. The users also appreciate video tutorials that Exam-Labs provides.

Having all these training materials and all the important details of the exam, you can be surethat you are on the right track to passing your Microsoft AZ-900. Now, all you need to do isensure that you are making good use of every tool you have and that you also dedicate your time to an objective study of study materials on a daily basis.Therefore, you need to create a study plan and include all the prep resources you have. Be sure not to cram your schedule with the days for studying only, leave spaces for your free days in the calendar. Prepare for one day, then give yourself a rest for another, and repeat this way, or choose one half of the week for studying and the other for the days off. Create a pattern that will be convenient for you and don’t learn for too many hours a day. Unstoppable preparation with no breaks at all will not give you credits. You need to improve yourself for the future test, not destroy.


Preparing for the Microsoft AZ-900test will not be easy if you are going to stress out yourself with unlimited reading and learning, especially before the very exam date. Plan your time, use reliable materials, and give yourself a pat on the backevery time you learn something new. You deserve this.

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