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How to Spot a Scammer

Dating scammers are the best literary men of our time! Their sweet words are like music to the ears! Trustful people fall for their cunning tricks and turn out to be deceived. You should know how to spot a scammer so as not to become a victim of criminals on the global network. Taking into account our advice, you can easily avoid common mistakes in communication on a dating site and snatch the opportunity to find true love and family happiness.

General signs of a scammer:

– a strenuous profession that inspires respect – a military man, doctor, owner of oil wells, or bridge engineer who works in the harsh natural conditions of Africa or Northern Canada. The location may be different, but the conditions of his life and work are definitely harsh;
– a strenuous and risky profession “plus” a personal story, causing tears and instant empathy;
– his must-have attributes are the early loss of parents (or one parent), severe divorce, raising children without the support and participation of a woman, and other similar stories;
– the desire to spend the rest of life with a woman of his dreams (what a coincidence, it’s you!) investing incredible amounts of money in your common bright future;
– his photos are marvelously good – an average height, nice smile, not the most handsome man in the world but so lovely! Moreover, there are photos with small children.
The manner of communication:
– the first message enslaves your heart with sincerity and openness of feelings. It evokes thoughts “This is it, it has happened!”, “Finally!”, “My lucky day!”;
– the first message is composed in such a way that you mentally say “yes” at least three times (a kind of psychological brainwashing);
– 24-48 hours after the start of communication, he confesses his love and – the next marketing ploy – he talks about the wonderful life together that you will definitely want to get. Why is it called marketing ploy? Because the scammer sells your own dream to you since he has already managed to find out what you want;
– he asks you a lot of questions and turns out to be a grateful listener. Your tastes are so similar as if you know each other from the bottle up;
– soon, he invites you to leave the dating site and enter into personal correspondence (his goal is to isolate you from technical support and other users of the site). Why? Firstly, he reduces competition. Secondly, there is a support service on every dating site. Although many people are not used to contacting such services, they still constitute a danger to the fraudster. So the primary task of scammers is isolation;
– he collects all possible information about you and learns the details of your life. He is interested in your work, children, personal life… He can easily form an idea of your financial status from the perspective of such conversations;
– and finally, at a certain point, he URGENTLY needs money.
Communication skills:
– very long messages, so that the fictional story of his life seemed believable;
– how long the messages are, the grammar is just as awful;
– his speech (messages) is oversaturated with the words “fate”, “values”, “family”, “honesty”, “sincerity”;
– his emotional expression is inappropriate and extremely bright;
– sometimes he disappears for a while, but when returns – calls you by another name;
– for the matter of the names, in order not to get confused, a scammer calls his “future wives”: my dear, sweetie, baby, sweetheart, cutie and so on;
– if you manage to get his phone number and decide to call him, the reach of sound and audio quality will be terrible.

The scammer’s answer will be as follows – firstly, you are far apart, secondly, he has a strong accent that you just don’t understand (he is a southerner, or a northerner, or comes from the Middle West), and thirdly, “you called at the wrong time, I was busy. “;

– ask him any serious question and he will immediately disappear from the site for a while;
– he does not like to answer personal questions. Try asking him something about his childhood, parents, or studies;
– for him, love is equality of financial assistance. If you do not send him money, then it means you do not love him!;
– he strongly recommends keeping your relationships in secret (he is a secret service agent!);
– if you ask too many questions, he resorts to insults or threats;
– he is illiterate – confuses the names of cities, time zones, your country of residence, geographical names, etc.

We encourage you to one simple action – be realistic! Imagine that you met such a person in real life. Would you believe him? Be careful, keep in mind our advice on how to spot a scammer, and use only reliable dating sites. Have you ever heard about Romancecompass scam?

Of course not! Hundreds of happy couples confirmed this dating site to be reliable and safe.

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